Men’s Multivitamin Gummies (75 Count)

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Unlike most gummy vitamins made from just sugar, our gummy vitamins have up to 66% less sugar.§ These multis are packed with essential nutrients and 100% delicious.

Made with Organic Blue Agave Fiber that Replaces Unnecessary Extra Sugar

Nutrient-Packed, 100% Delicious

What are gummy vitamins made with fiber?

Say hello to a new chapter in men’s gummy multivitamins! These game-changing gummies have up to 66% less sugar than the leading USDA organic multivitamin gummy brand.§ Only 2 g sugar per serving! Replacing sugar with inulin fiber from organic Blue Agave gives you superior nutrients that you can feel good about. These gummies are made with high quality ingredients and key fermented nutrients. We packed a complete multivitamin with 17 essential nutrients into a delicious gummy made with organic fiber and without unnecessary extra sugar. Every gummy is nutrient-packed and 100% delicious.

 Not a significant source of dietary fiber
§ up to 66% less sugar than the leading USDA organic multivitamin gummy brand based on Nielsen Total US xAOC units sold latest 52 weeks thru 9/25/21

What do Men’s Multivitamin Gummies do for you?

Our adult gummy vitamins are a great way to support overall wellness, made with essential nutrients your body can recognize. Gummy supplements are easy to add to any wellness routine and formulated so you can really absorb the good stuff.

  • Complete multivitamin for men with 17 vitamins & minerals
  • Excellent source of immune-essential Vitamins C, D3 and Zinc*
  • Fermented B vitamins for cellular energy*
  • Complementary herbal berry blend including Elderberry

 Excellent source is defined as a nutrient delivering > 20% DV per FDA

How are New Chapter®’s Multivitamin gummies different?

We think the best gummy vitamins for men should be made with excellent quality ingredients, deliver essential nutrients, and taste great! We go the extra mile to make sure our men’s multivitamin gummies are totally delicious and packed with everything you want, nothing you don’t.

  • Formulated for absorption including key fermented ingredients
  • Made with certified organic Blue Agave inulin fiber, replacing unnecessary extra sugar
  • Only 2 g sugar per serving
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Berry-citrus flavored
  • 100% Vegetarian & Gluten Free
  • Bottle is made with 99% Post-Consumer Recycled material (excludes cap)


Adults, chew three gummies daily. Can be taken on an empty stomach.