Pure Essence - EnergyPlus

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About the product

Each day, millions of Americans turn to caffeine, guarana, yohimbe and other stimulants to wake them up and get them through their day, unaware that such stimulants are further depleting their system. Stimulants do not build energy. They drain it while placing stress on the adrenal glands and cardiovascular systems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches energy more sustainably. Rather than providing frequent jolts to the adrenal system, it seeks to enhance the body’s ability to extract the nutrients from which the body makes ATP, and to renew supplies of the “vital energies” known as Qi, Shen, and Essence. This is done by using specific herbs, called Superior herbs, which nourish the various organ systems and provide these vital energies.

Energy Plus Supplement Vity Award 2018 Energy Plus Supplement Vity Award 2017

EnergyPlus™ combines many of these Superior Herbs into an exquisite formula to simultaneously nourish all five of the major organ systems and the blood, and to provide the vital energies mentioned above. There is 1 gram of spirulina in each serving. The premade glycogen in spirulina is the molecule that the human body makes to store energy. The short-term effect is clean, clear energy you’ll enjoy for hours with none of the jittery feeling or inevitable crash that follows when using stimulants. In the long term, this energy will continue to build as the whole food nutrition in EnergyPlus™ continues to support all your major systems, so that they can work together to produce, distribute, and store energy as nature intends.*

EnergyPlus™ Ingredients

Aged Citrus Extract (Peel)
Astragalus Extract (Root)
Atractylodes Extract (Root)
Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Bioperine®)
Codonopsis Extract (Root)
Cordyceps Extract (Mycelia)
Cornus Extract (Fruit)
Croscarmellose Sodium
Eleuthero Extract (Root)
Gynostemma Extract (Whole Herb)
Jujube Extract (Seed)
Organic Goji Berry
Organic Spirulina
Red Sage Extract (Root)
Reishi Extract (Fruiting Body)
Schizandra Extract (Fruit and Seed)
Silicon Dioxide
Stearic Acid
White Peony Extract (Root)