VisionEssence™ ~ 60 VEG-CAPS

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Provides strong holistic support for a healthy vision.*

Supports macular health and may help reduce eye fatigue.*

Formulated with lutein, zeaxanthin, l-taurine, l-carnosine, quercetin, and vitamin C.

Take 2 capsules daily with water.

Featured Herbs & Ingredients


Helps reduce age-related macular degeneration, eye fatigue, eye strain. May guard against cataracts.*

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Protect against harmful blue light. Improve and prevent macular degeneration. The best known and studied of all vision nutrients.*


Helps preserve the normal structure of proteins in the lens of the eye to protect the eye and keep the lens clear.*

Alpha Lipoic Acid

A powerful antioxidant that helps guard against age-related macular degeneration, retina damage and cataracts.*

Vitamin C

Helps protect vision by supporting fragile capillaries in the retina.*


A profound antioxidant that supports the architecture of the lens of the eye.*